About Us

Wings the Design Studio, Pune, is an award winning Architecture and Interior Design company offering it’s design services globally. We have 11 years of design experience in the fields of Residential and Hospitality design. Founded in 2001, Wings the Design Studio has catered to the needs of a variety of clients whose needs have been diverse and challenging – enabling us to thrive in a creative and competitive environment.


At Wings the Design Studio, we believe in encouraging an open, interactive and creative environment within the design team. We also believe that each client is unique, and we understand the specific requirements of each client. We interact with the client at every step of the design and implementation process so that we dynamically integrate the client’s requirements into every stage of the creation process.
At Wings the Design Studio, we are guided by underlying principles that ensure that all of our architectural and interior designs are built using the most appropriate materials and technologies, and adhere to a sensitive design approach towards the project.
We have a diverse portfolio of completed work that showcases our dedication to sustainable, enduring design solutions while being a testament to the originality and creativity of each of our designs.
We are committed to retaining design excellence as the common denominator in the constantly changing scope, location and size of the different projects we undertake.
For us, every project is a joyful journey towards the creation of a unique design.

Wings the Design Studio is led by the dynamic team of Architect Meena Gandhi     and Designer Amit Gandhi.
Our team comprises of highly motivated, dynamic and young Architects and Interior Designers. Our strong work culture in the studio ensures that we are always ready to accept any challenge.

Wings the Design Studio also constantly endeavors to remain abreast of all the latest designing trends, materials and technological innovations. Our library,knowledge base and research oriented methodology is a strong point in all our design implementations.


Many of the unique design projects created by Wings the Design Studio are Nationally and Internationally recognized, Awarded and loved. All of this is the direct result of the open minded creativity design culture present in the Studio.
Amit and Meena believe in their ability to transform people and inspire creative and dynamic leaders. They keep their team informed with the latest in technological and design trends. They make sure that their design solutions are not just relevant to the present, but also connect to their clients’ vision of the future. Amit and Meena have also contributed vastly via articles and the media – setting the tone for the future, right now.
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