Wings the Design Studio, Pune, has successfully completed several Hospitality, Commercial and Residential architectural projects. We have also served several architectural firms as Interior Architects and Designers.
At Wings the Design Studio, we believe in creating seamless and cohesive architectural and interior design solutions. We create functional architecture - designs that are sustainable, environmentally friendly and functionally correct while remaining aesthetically pleasing. We also ensure that these designs are cohesive with the interior spaces.
It is for this reason that we treat each project in its totality - this way the architectural design and interior spaces are smoothly interwoven with each other. We aim at generating more value for the client with our aggregate approach. Our clients thus derive the benefits of having to avoid the modification of the interior spaces, while increasing the effective use of the interior spaces. Our effective planning and implementation makes sure that the architecture is relative to the interior function of the client's available space.
Wings the Design Studio, Pune, is equipped with state-of-the-art designing and presentation skills while being backed up with a powerful project management culture that enables us to take on any kind of architectural and interior design project.
We have recently ventured into international operations with a star category Hotel project in Central Africa . The year 2009 - 2010 thus marks our first step towards marking our presence as global Hospitality and Commercial Architects and Designers.

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