Hotel Interior Design

Hotels have gradually transformed from a mere short term shelter necessity to a high tech industry that provides total solutions that can serve for both leisure and business needs at either at an individual and at a corporate level. Architects and Interior Designers today therefore are facing a more challenging environment in this industry.
Today's modern Hotel environment encompasses Spas, Health Clubs, Sports Bars, Boutiques, Conference Centers , Party Areas, Multiple Restaurants and Lounge Bars. Concepts like Business Hotels and Apartment Hotels are quickly catching on and becoming popular alternatives to traditional Hotels. Hence hotel architecture and interior designing now involves a broad based multi dimensional and cohesive design effort.
Hotels today are multifunctional units that need to have carefully designed interior spaces that combine the aesthetic and the functional aspects of architecture. Maintaining the architecture-interior relation is one of the basic principles of creating the design identity of these various interior spaces.
At Wings the Design Studio we are experienced Hotel Architects and Interior Designers that value the importance of the different functions like front service, back service, housekeeping, security, maintenance and connectivity while making the hotel interior successful. The basic principles that we follow while taking on the Interior Design project of a Hotel are:

• We ensure that the architecture of the Hotel is related to and reflects the class of the interior spaces.

• We plan the spaces properly so that flawless circulation is provided to the guests as well as the staff. While doing so, we take into account the different interior spaces included within the hotel like the guest rooms, restaurants, gymnasium, health spas, conference halls etc. The needs of the kitchen, housekeeping and the storage areas are also taken into account while designing.

• We believe that an effective project implementation process is the key to the timely and successful completion of any project.

Our young and dynamic team of Interior Designers and Architects coupled with our vast experience in the hotel industry, Wings the Design Studio is all set to accept any kind of design challenge related to the hospitality industry.

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