Pubs & Lounge Bars Interior Design

Lounge Bars and Pubs have become synonymous with urban lifestyle. New Lounge Bars and Pubs are popping up every day in growing metro cities like Pune. The challenge for every designer today is about how to go about putting one's imprint on the city's night life skyline.

Wings the Design Studio is proud to have contributed to giving Pune a few of the most preferred Lounge Bars and Resto-Bars. We owe our success as designers to our underlying philosophies and principles that encompass purposeful planning, innovative design development, a deeper understanding of the environment, brand awareness, efficient use of technology, powerful presentation and effective site management.

We involve ourselves with each and every aspect of space planning, presentation and site management while we design a Lounge Bar. Our designs make comprehensive use of technology, brand development and design innovation combined with the principles of flawless service circulation, strategic location placement and planning. Our designs have raised the bar to create benchmarks in higher levels of comfort, privacy and lighting design.

At Wings the Design Studio, we ensure that each Lounge Bar, Pub or Resto-Bar design project that we undertake is innovative and appealing to the targeted audience. In order to achieve high levels of customer and target audience satisfaction, we conduct an in-depth analysis and research the city night life and gain a deeper understanding of the latest technology utilized at these locations.

The Architects and Interior Designers at Wings the Design Studio are involved in all the aspects of the creation of the design theme. Apart from the central concepts, we also take into account factors like the type of music played, designing of the accessories, the selection process, the menu design, design of the service staff dress and other maintenance issues.

We believe that while a good Lounge Bar should leave a pleasant and long lasting impression to all its visitors, it should also appeal to a broader canvas of customers ranging from the local to the international.

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