Interior Design

Interior design – whether for a commercial or a residential purpose, uses elementary principles of design that ensure a successful outcome. These design principles include elements like Balance, Harmony, Rhythm, Proportion and Aesthetics.
Balance is effectively achieved by space planning and the consideration of visual equilibrium amongst the different design elements and object proportions. The visual impact of the objects within a defined space are affected by the use of texture, color, form and placement. When all these elements are used in congruity, it results in a balanced interior space. The design flow must complement the effect of balance. Harmonious use of forms and finishes can make a room dynamic.
At Wings the Design Studio we know how to create the rhythm within an interior space by using intercepting forms and elements. We also use focal points like artwork, fireplaces or appropriate forms to add to the rhythm. Emphasis is also generated via special placement, lighting, texture and color, among other elements.
Our interior designs include these elements in the best way possible to create a sense of proportion and harmony giving each of the designed spaces a sense of individuality and style.
Wings the Design Studios specializes in designing the interior spaces for lounge bars, Restaurants, Hotels, Food malls, Super markets, Offices, Residential spaces and Hospitals.
Under our global design services department, we have successfully completed various Hotel, Restaurant, Super Market and Residential Interior design projects in Africa and are now looking forward to expand our services across the globe.

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