Core Team

Our core team comprises of Architect Meena Gandhi, who is the Founder Partner and the Chief Architect, and Designer Amit Gandhi, who is the Founder Partner and the Chief Interior Designer.

Architect Meena Gandhi completed her graduation in Architecture from Abhinav Kala Maha Vidyalaya, an esteemed art institute in Pune. Thereafter, in 1983, she joined ‘Prakash Mankar and Associates’, a renowned hospitality design company. While working in their Bangalore office, she gained a lot of valuable hands-on experience in the processes involved in the design and implementation of large scale Hotels and Restaurant projects. Over three years later, she returned to Pune, where she worked with a number of architectural and interior design firms – thus consolidating her knowledge even more. In 1990, she started her own practice and soon became renowned amongst the Hospitality and Residential Designers in and around the city of Pune.

After her marriage in 1994, she co-founded Wings the Design Studio in 2001, with her husband, well known Interior Designer, Amit Gandhi. Since then Meena Gandhi has been the inspirational and visionary leader for the team at Wings the Design Studio. It has been her strong belief in a value based practice that has helped us to create long lasting client relationships. With her vast experience and keen eye for detail, she provides the most valuable contribution to every successful project at Wings the Design Studio.

Interior Designer Amit Gandhi completed his Diploma in Interior Designing from IITC, Pune. He then worked with various interior designing firms in Pune and gained a lot of valuable experience and expertise in the different aspects of his work. In 2001, he co-founded Wings the Design Studio with his wife, Architect Meena Gandhi.

Amit Gandhi has carved a niche for himself with his immense and impressive designing talent. His leadership skills and ability to motivate the entire team is coupled with his zest for meticulously planning each and every detail.

It is noteworthy that all these qualities have taken Wings the Design Studio onto the pinnacle of success. Today, Wings the Design Studio is a renowned firm designing for several famous projects like Hotels, Restaurants, Lounge Bars, Hospitals and Residences, to name a few.